SINCE 1984

J Long Hardware Abrasive Co., LTD. is a company specialized in resin-bonded cutting and grinding wheel production. Established in 1984 by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Mr. Wenbo Du, the company was originally called CAS Kewei Factory. Till now, over 3 decades have passed, J Long has become one of the OLDEST and TOP 10 abrasive wheel manufacturers (awarded by China Abrasive Association) in China. As the vice president institute of China Abrasive Association, the company has been ranked AAA level for its business credit by China Ministry of Commerce. The company is also certified by ISO 9001:2015 and actually comply the management system in its daily practice.


In the past decades, basing on our solid foundation in the abrasive wheel industry and knowledge in the greater industry of hardware and tools, we have expanded our production and product lines to the relative fields, including flap discs, fiber discs, and diamond tools, etc.


For our domestic brands: Sanlu and Jinxi, we have established domestic distribution branches covering all 32 provinces of mainland China. Whiles serving OEM customers from over 130 countries, including worldwide leading brands in the field, J Long has learnt and accumulated sufficient knowledges of different market demands, which we have studied and devoted into our international brand “ROBTEC”. The brand targets to meet the global professional and industrial markets. Thanks for the help from our international partners and agents, till 2017, ROBTEC products have successfully entered and being welcomed in over 30 countries (for more information about agentship, please click HERE).


J Long believes SAFETY is the cornerstone for all of our products. Various efforts have been made for different markets and requirements, such as we have a full range products that are certified by MPA (GERMANY safety qualification); and able to comply Different production standards, including EN12413 (European), ANSI (USA) and GB (China) standards.


As a leading, professional and experienced abrasive wheel manufacturer, we believe we’ll be your ideal choice!