When should we replace a new cutting disc?
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  1. The Wear-Resistance of Cutting Wheels

    All cutting wheels are with their own limits of wear-resistance. When the wear condition of cutting wheel has reached a certain extent it must be replaced. Usually, when the diameter of cutting disc is 10mm lager than the diameter of chunk, the cutting disc should be replaced.

   2. The Expiry Date of Resin Cutting Wheels

    A new grinding wheel from the warehouse may not be qualified, even the new products buying from the manufacturer are not necessarily qualified. All cutting wheels are with their own expiry date. Using resin cutting wheels within its expiry date which is qualified; passed its expiry date, the cutting wheel is not sure whether qualified or not. The regulation of safe operation ruled that the abrasive wheels should be used within expiry date, the resin bonded abrasive wheels and cutting discs must be re-tested after a year of storage.


    3. The Texture of Resin Cutting Wheels

    During operation of cutting wheels, if there is a crack on the it, please stop using immediately and replace new resin cutting disc to avoid cutting wheel broken and injures people.